Saturday, 28 November 2009


Sooo where I work made Cherly Cole's latest music vid and I somehow ended up being Cheryls stand in (for lighting/camera tests etc) on the shoot. Me and Cheryl are practically the same person anyway, we both have awesome dance moves and i'm the same height as her in 3" heels. Highlights included the choreographer making me roll about on the lilac plinth, and being told to kneel like a 'sexy cat'. Think i'll stick to being behind the camera.. Thanks to James Hatt for these photos of me looking like a bit of a simpleton.
Amazing Video by Saam. Dubious song by Cheryl etc.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The most amazing photo ever....

I found this whilst looking through my mum's old photo albums. It's of a school play she was in age 11 (she's the little ginger kid on the left) and was probably taken by my Granny. I think it's perfect, you couldn't stage/recreate something like this, the colours, composition, everything... I especially love it because my mum and granny have no idea/can't see how good it is! i love old photos...
I'm going to use this image as the front of lp cover for upcoming release by London band Dignan Porch, for whom i'm doing the album artwork and next video for. (LP out next year on Brooklyn Label Captured Tracks). I think it screams 'album cover'.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Third Video for birdeatsbaby......

Was Shot yesterday..... Hopefully will be up in a month or 2.. :)